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October 1st, 2011

Update 10-1-11

Rosh HaShannah has come, a new year in God's word, given at the time of leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Don't you love new years? New starts. Carolyn Arends has a song (it's gotta be old now) that says, "This will be my resolution: every day is new years day." I love that, and don't usually remember it.

So, it's been perhaps more than a month since I wrote an update. Starting up the school year took me by storm. I have too much on my plate to do it without God's help. I mean that. I'm a heart motivated person so I love to do things either to help people or to enjoy people, but I can take on too much and if I don't either write and stick to do lists or pray "Lord, you be in charge of my day" or on good days, both, then I get discouraged and anxious. So I'm leaning on God, and today I am resting in him. It's Saturday, time to take things slow and enjoy.

Actually there was a lot of good in September, around here. We had field trips and we went to the movie Dolphin Tale, we got all our work done even if not in the time frame I had envisioned (praying about that), and we've enjoyed what we are learning. I think it does really go better when I am not stressed!

I have been writing on my blog at highheartedly.wordpress.com and if you would like to subscribe so that it is delivered to your inbox with pictures, I would be delighted. In September the blog writing went from 4 times a week to sometimes 2. But for October I have joined a challenge to write daily, and my theme is 31 Days of Thanks and Praise. October can't just be about Ravinia's birthday or about Halloween, after all! So I invite you to click over and check it out, but if you don't want to hear from me more than the occasional update, I won't mind.

Our house is getting organized Saturday by Saturday. I had thought it was a summer project, but the unfinished things through the summer can still be worked on, and that is good. Maybe slow changes are easier on the heart? But these are good changes, and I'm growing into being a better housekeeper and into unity with Maurice on something as basic as our space for living and hospitality.

This month again I have big goals. Dreams, really. I'll be praying for God to confirm them (are they ideas that come from him? Then he will provide what I need) and bring them about. He is able, and I want to trust him. Ravinia and I have been memorizing James, and it has been so good. We're up to 1:11, and this week will be pushing on!

I hope you are doing well, and finding the Lord's grace sufficient. He has so many ways to bless us, doesn't he? This month for October 8-11 we are planning to spend some time in LA. I think the weekend would be good for connecting with friends, visiting our old church, CEFC in Monterey Park, and hanging out. Then on Monday and Tuesday we could do museums and things that our friends wouldn't be able to join us for unless their kids have Monday off from school too. So, gotta get planning!



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