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update 1-1-11

Happy New Year!

One of my favorite songs by Carolyn Arends is New Years Day, which has the words "This will be my resolution: every day is new years day, one more chance to start all over, one more chance to change and grow..." Maybe you can find it on itunes to hear a sample?

This year I've been struck by the eighth day of Christmas being mentioned in Luke 2. On the eighth day when it was time to circumcise him, he was given the name Jesus, which the angel had announced to Mary (and to Joseph but that's in Matthew). So today we're going to have a party in the afternoon: having to do with names, whether kids want to paint or draw or use letter cookie cutters to make their names, and doves, since the passage goes on to mention Jesus being brought to the temple for his firstborn redemption rites as established by Moses ever since the passover. I think the second was 40 days out, and Ravinia asked me when that would be, and we looked on the calendar and it's Feb 2, Groundhog day as she reminded me. Maybe I'll be Christianizing all the holidays this year!

The name of Jesus, our names, a new year (do you name the year, other than 2011?). How do you celebrate today? Is it more fun last night than today, and New Years day is quiet? There's the Rose Bowl Parade to watch, which is beautiful. What are you looking forward to this new year?

We've been taking it slow these 12 days of Christmas: waking late, having a late brunch, getting things done but trying to be unhurried. Today's brunch is bacon and eggs and a bread machine version of Vasilopita, the Greek new years bread that has a coin hidden in it. It smells sweet with honey and orange zest and olive oil as it rises in the dough cycle.

The new year holds plenty of challenges, plenty of unknowns, and plenty of celebrations too. I hope for you a blessed new year of joy and love.



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